Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dirty history

A few days ago, I saw a couple of pictures with some Arabs in the desert, and inspiration struck me. This is how I always imagined a true, ancient warrior. Used, full with stories to tell, a guy that saw everything there is to see. Or something like that, anyway...  :P 


Hurricane Leslie said...

I love it! I love hearing about the Hashasheen.

(Spelling of that may be incorrect.)

Axel said...

aaaaaaaaaa T_T would you like to give some advice *_* ?

Simon Robert said...

Hahah, yeah,Hashasheen is correct! I just love those guys!

Advice? Get crazy with those brushes!!! :P
Don`t think too much, just paint! This is how I painted this one. I also was inspired by jesus`s thorn crown, haha :D I think it shows

aftirotra123 said...

i realy love this picture. you should make some more stuff on this desert warrior.