Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And another new beginning!

Well yes, another beginning.

And this time after working at Guerrilla Games for the last 1.5 years of my life. Working for Killzone Shadow Fall was absolutely amazing in any way imaginable.

I was at Guerrilla Games studio in Amsterdam every month, for two, sometimes three weeks in a row working as a freelance concept artist, mainly focusing on vehicle and robot design, environment design and even some character design. Guerrilla Games is one of the most professional game studios I ever worked in. It`s full of passionate and talented people who love games and by judging their previous products, I guess it's pretty obvious. I never felt like I was part of a business like I did in some previous game companies. It sometimes felt unreal. Doing what I love and get paid for it. A perfect symbiosis between passion and living. I feel really lucky.

Every day.

What set Killzone Shadow Fall apart from the previous games I worked on before, was the amount of research and detail that went into every design. Everything had to be functional and grounded in the Killzone world. And almost everything in the Killzone world is grounded in the real world. I`m sure if someone was to build one of those ships in real life, it would probably fly. Hydraulics, suspensions, armor usage, tech-integration, etc. all these were a daily concern next to visual design. In other words, making something just look cool, was not enough. And I`m glad that was the case because I learned so much during that time that no design school in the world could ever surpass that.

I want to thank all the great guys and galls that I worked with and I hope we`ll work together again one day.

Now I`m taking a short time off, enjoying some free time with my girlfriend and our crazy Cat.

But the near future looks promising already. So that`s good. I know I haven`t posted any new work for a very long time. That`s because I was really busy. Not a single personal piece in years. But that`s gonna change soon, I hope. Once Killzone is out, I will post some of the stuff I did for it.

But until then, I will just enjoy this summer!

Signing out.
Simon Robert