Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The digital media is great and I love it. For concept art and design I think it's perfect. You can get quick and good results which suit the film and gaming industry really well. But then besides all this, there is also You. You and your personal art. And for my personal work I always leaned towards the traditional media. Until I eventually switched completely to it. Mainly watercolours, acrylics and oils. Working on paper or on canvas, feeling the actual brush, having to mix your colours, think ahead and carefully plan your approach - nothing beats these, in my opinion. And nothings gets more personal than these. It's like reading a book. Once you finish a painting, you have this piece which is unique to you and you'll always remember how much you worked to get that perfect brush stroke or that value balance that you wanted so bad. When I became a concept artist, 10 years ago, concept art was everything for me. It was the only thing I did. But in time, I felt the need to work more and more on my own ideas. At first I did this digitally and it was great, but...there was always something missing. I just didn't "feel it". Didn't have that satisfaction once I finished a piece. It always ended up being forgotten on my hard drive somewhere. Now I'm at the point where I just cannot paint any personal work digitally anymore. Digital painting became totally synonymous with professional work. And I found that other digital artists from my generation feel the same way. So I find this interesting and wanted to share it with whoever ends up reading this. I'll also post some of my watercolours that I like. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks.

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